Why Us?

"Slate is just stone, right?” We believe something different. Slate is a choice: for longevity, for the environment, for safety, and for beauty. At New England Slate, we believe something different about customer service as well. We believe:

Quality is the Best Policy.

We believe that quality really does matter and your time is money.  By supplying only quality slate, we will save you time because there’s less sorting, breaking and hauling.

Honesty is the Best Policy.

We believe in telling the truth. This could mean lead-times that are longer than we’d both like or slate colors that may not be as exact a match as we’d both like. Ask us anything and we’ll give you an honest answer, it’s just the way we do business.

Doing What’s Right, is the Best Policy.

We take every choice as an opportunity to do what’s right, even when no one is looking. This means shipping only the best pieces of slate, quoting only the lowest cost for freight, and adding extra pieces to a pallet just because it’s the way we do business.

Friendliness is the Best Policy.

We are passionate about slate and it shows! We could talk for hours about our slate and while doing so, we hope we are spreading some cheer and goodwill. Call us to find a solution, not just a roofing material…smiles included.

Customer Success is the Best Policy.

We don’t just believe in customer service, we believe in customer success! We know success requires hard work, persistence and a little creativity. So we bring expert, dependable, friendly, and personalized service to make that happen.

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