Nothing accents the beauty and integrity of a building’s design like a slate roof. With some slate roofs dating back hundreds of years, there’s a good reason that it is the roofing material of choice for institutions, businesses, and homes of distinction and character. Slate requires a level of craftsmanship and care in production to live up to its amazing promise. We have worked with architects on hundreds of projects that run the spectrum of complexity, budget, and scope, but we treat them all with the same care and attention. Let us help you make the most of your designs.

Unfading black slate roofing by New England Slate
500 million years old and built to last.
Black slate roofing with foliage in background
900 pounds average weight per square for natural roofing slate.
Closeup of New England slate roofing
100 percent of our slate is ASTM S1 Grade.
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