Color and Weathering Characteristics: Greens, greys, purples, blacks; weathering or unfading; the shades within a color; and even mixed color blends.

Size & Layout: The size of the slates are often proportional to the area of your roof, but ask us about single size, random widths, graduated lengths and hang-down patterns.

Thickness & Texture: Standard thicknesses range in the 1/4–3/8″ area. Thicker slates, however, are available and can be mixed together to create texture and dimension.

Shape: Slate can be cut into many specialty shapes which, when installed on the roof, create a variety of different patterns including diamonds, clipped corners, hexagon, octagon, or fish scale.


Often our customers are trying to replicate a roof, tie into an existing roof (due to an addition), or reroof a historic building back to its original slate roof. Email us a photo, a website link, or even send us a piece of slate and we’ll identify your best options.

Utilizing slate’s wide range of colors, sizes, thicknesses and shapes, our craftsmen can create a slate roof to meet the needs of almost any project. From simple single-color, single-size roofs to more elaborate multi-color, multi-size designs, call us to find out how we can keep your job on schedule and on budget.