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Slater's T Stake - $65 plus shipping, call to order. The stake end is ground to a point to facilitate driving it into a plank. This makes the top edge a functional surface for trimming and cutting slate using a slate hammer. Slate cutters have replaced the stake, for the most part, but it is still favored by many slate craftsmen and traditionalists. Made In USA.

Medium-duty Slate Ripper - $85 plus shipping, call to order. Slate Rippers from The New England Slate Company are die-forged in one piece from high-grade carbon steel. A form fitting handle with finger grips prevents hand-slip. The finely ground and polished blade is spring tempered for optimal strength and maximum flexibility. Our most popular ripper is a slightly smaller and lighter version then the professional-use heavy-duty model shown below. Weight: 3 pounds Overall Length: 30 - 1/2" Blade Length: 24 - 1/2"

Heavy-duty Slate Ripper - $115 plus shipping, call to order. This is our premium ripper. The larger striking surface at the front end of the handle minimizes glancing blows and lends more mass for easier nail removal. Weight: 4 pounds Overall Length: 32" Blade Length: 25 - 1/2"

Slate Hammer - $115 plus shipping, call to order. You can drive nails with many types of hammers but this is the proper tool for laying slate. One end of the head is ground to a sharp point for crisp, accurate hole-punching and the shaft features tapered edges still favored for cutting slate by some slate craftsmen. Classic leather-grip. Made in Germany.

Slate Cutter - $105 plus shipping, call to order. Our cutter, with a new punch location, will not disappoint the serious slate roofer. The flared base allows for easier cutting while up on the roof and the blade design has evolved so clean and beveled cuts are the norm for any size or shape. Made in the USA. Overall Length: 25" Cutting Blade Length: 4".