Contractors & Roofers

Slate is an amazing material but, as you know, it takes a true craftsman to spec, design and install slate roofing the right way, the first time. We know how important it is for contractors & roofers to stay on budget and on time. This has pushed us to perfected our process of estimating, obtaining and shipping our slate to you, wherever you are in excellent condition, ready to install. Nothing is worse than having your team waiting on a supplier so we take the surprises and breakage out of the equation for you. Contact us to find what you need, for how much, and when we can get it there so you don’t lose a day putting on a lifetime roof for your customer.


Reviews by Contractors & Roofers:

Hear what past Contractors & Roofers have had to say about working with the team at New England Slate.

“Best people, best products.”
—Ken, 2nd Generation Roofer, Massachusetts

“I’ve been doing business with Chuck and the gang for over 30 years. All I can say is you are the BEST!”
—Chuck, Roofer, Chicago

“Great experience! Great Customer service!”
—Glen, Historic Restorations Roofer, New York City

“My heart thanks for the entirely professional and courteous business relationship we have enjoyed with you. The slate has been of excellent quality. Thank you for your help and patience throughout & I look forward to doing repeat business with you given any opportunity.”
—Sandy, Contractor, Australia

“Thank you. Appreciate the professionalism, increasingly rare these days. Don’t think for a moment it doesn’t matter. I’ll always call you first. Thanks again.”
—Mike G., Contractor, Massachusettes