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Nothing accents the beauty and integrity of a building’s design like a slate roof. With some slate roofs dating back hundreds of years, there’s a good reason that it is the roofing material of choice for institutions, businesses and homes of distinction and character. Slate requires a level of craftsmanship and care in production to live up to it’s amazing promise. We have worked with architects on hundreds of projects that run the spectrum of complexity, budget and scope, but we treat them all with the same care and attention. Let us help you make the most of your designs. Contact us to get started today!


Reviews by Architects & Consultants:

Hear what past Architects & Consultants have said about working with the team at New England Slate.

“New England Slate was very helpful for my most recent historic renovation project – the rebuilding of an 1865 cupola and tower, the West Point Foundry Preserve. They helped every step of the way, including identifying the types of slate, determining the custom shapes for the pattern and estimating budget numbers for cost. If you’ve designed a slate roof I would highly recommend contacting New England Slate early in the process. The project is now complete and it came out GREAT!!”
—Leslie, CSI, CDT, LEED AP, New York City

“As the lead architect on a historic reroof project, I decided to bring New England Slate into the discussion at the very beginning. Their consultation helped us write a specification for the closest match as well as meet the school’s schedule constraints. New England Slate’s expertise was invaluable.”
—Peter, Architect, New York

“Experts, professionals, patient, creative, smart and honest… that’s New England Slate. They made a very complicated custom slate roof design/build project come in on-time and on-budget.”
—Ryder, Project Manager of a multi-million dollar residential new home build on Long Island

“Thank you for following up on this project. I like that. You’ve all been very helpful over the years and I have learned more than I could imagine about natural slate roofing.”
—Modeste, Architect, New Jersey